• 27Jan

    We arrived in MI and all the kids said “Hi” to Grandma and promptly went to reacquaint themselves with their toys that we had left here.  That gave Mom, Janet and I a chance to chat and relax.  Maranatha showed up after a bit, but she had found a tag so she just sat on a stool and sucked on her fingers and played with her tag.  Then, all of a sudden she perks up and says, “Daddy’s here!” 

    My heart kind of stopped and I looked around thinking that maybe I had misunderstood her . . “What, honey?”

    She jumped up and ran, “Daddy’s here!”  She stopped at the end table next to me and picked up a picture of our family that Janet had sitting out and started naming the family members starting with Daddy.  She was Daddy’s little girl.  My poor baby. 

    In some ways I feel like Daddy is here, too.  How, after all this time, can it still seem so unreal?

2 Comments to Daddy’s here!

  • Ah, because he will always be in your hearts. Pictures just remind us of that. So she is right. Daddy is there in her heart and memories. Yes, “Daddy is here”. And I point to her little heart. Let Daddy grow there by sharing your memories with her.

    You are loved!