• 17Jan

    I saw some tears from Benjamin. 

    I went in to check on them (Benjamin and Josiah) after they went to bed and stopped to ask them “Do you feel bad when you make Mommy cry?”


    So I told them . . “You aren’t making Mommy cry.  It’s not your fault.  Mommy just misses Daddy” 

    Josiah said “Dassy says that Mommy never cries.”  Slight error since I think it was really Abigail who said that, and huge error in that “never” is SO untrue.  “Mommy cries a lot, Josiah.  And it’s o.k. to cry.  In fact it’s good to cry.”

    Benjamin perked up and with big ole tears in his eyes he said “I just want to hug Daddy.” 

    Oh my poor heart! 

    “I just want to hug Daddy, too, Benjamin.”

4 Comments to Benjamin’s tears

  • Liisa, please tell Benjamin that I love him (and all his brothers and sisters, too), and I am eagerly waiting to get hugs from all of them next weekend. It’s not as good as hugging Daddy, but I know it will give some comfort to me and hopefully to him, too!
    Lots of love, from Grandma in Michigan

  • Even though I’ve never met them, each of your children are so precious. I’m sure you see some of Dan in all of them. I hope that’s a comforting, pleasant thing to you, as I’ve heard that it can be painful instead. It’s like you have 7 pieces of Dan living on with you forever. 🙂
    Hope you have a nice, peaceful weekend,

  • There are hugs from Canada too. If we were there we would help to hug the tears away. I wish I could hug “Daddy – Danny” too, But I wish I could hug all of you just as much. We know that it is ok for mommies and boys and girls to cry. It make so many thing all better. We are praying for you and for a safe trip to Michigan.

  • I saw the title “Benjamin’s tears.” That’s what I have been praying for…not necessarily that he would cry and feel bad, but that you would be able to have a conversation with him about Daddy and how Benjamin feels. God is still answering. He is still caring. I love you all.