• 28Jan
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    Notice the use of the word “when”.

    “I will . . . watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved.”  Habakkuk 2:1

    Habakkuk just went through and grouched at the Lord for not doing things “right”.  It is an emotion, a feeling that he is expressing and he knows that the Lord is going to grouch right back. 

    I feel like that some days.  I just have to get the emotions off my chest, but I know that as soon as I voice what I’m feeling that the Lord is going to turn right around and remind me of what I already know.

    “You know I love you, Liisa.”

    “You know that my thoughts are bigger than your thoughts, and my ways better than your ways.”

    “You know I have a plan and a purpose for you.”

    “You know I will provide for all your needs.”

    “You know that Dan loved you.”

    I might know that He is going to reprove me, but I also know that He loves me enough to reprove me.  ‘Spare the rod, spoil the child’ and all that.  I guess the real question is what I am going to “answer when I am reproved”. 

    “Yes sir, Lord.  I will obey.  I will listen.  I will trust You.” 

    sounds good . . . now if I can just put feet to my mouth

    (actions to my words not feet in my mouth-giggle)  =)

  • 28Jan

    Josiah asked for a new daddy again tonight.  That’s the third time.  Sort of scary really.  They decided (he and Benjamin) that they wanted a new daddy to play with them because Mommy didn’t play with them too much. 

    So, does that mean that I’m failing, . . or that Dan is?  =)  Just for the record, that is a rhetorical question. 

    I told them that they needed to pray about it because a new daddy wasn’t something that I could just go out and buy for them.  =)  So, we’re praying about it.  Anyone who is praying for us could add that to your list.  Can’t say that I want one this year and that doesn’t mean that you should try to set me (us) up, but you can pray about it.  =)