• 18Jan

    Benjamin is blue

    Josiah is green

    Abigail is pink

    Hadassah is purple

    Maranatha is yellow

    Payden is red

    And I think we are going to make

    Caleb orange

    No, we have not painted our children, turned them into rainbows, or tried to change their nationality.  In an effort at efficiency I have assigned each child a color.  This has helped in many ways.  Take for instance, toothbrushes.  Yesterday I walked into the bathroom and found Maranatha (2) using a blue toothbrush to brush her teeth.  We are learning something new.  She has found this to be exciting and I’ve found her in the bathroom at odd times, several times through out the last couple of days.  Anyway, it was easy to see that she was using the wrong toothbrush because that is one of the things that we have color coded.  Luckily it wasn’t my blue toothbrush, but rather Benjamin’s. 

    Another thing that we have color coded is cups.  That allows me to put out a row of cups on the table and then any time they are thirsty they just get some water in their cup and have a drink.  This also allows me to see instantly when one child is “stealing” a drink from another child’s cup . . helps to keep germs under control.

    The color code allows them to have ownership.  In a family this size it is often easiest to just view them all as a whole . . . lump them all together, or at least into groups.  So this was thought up to give them some individuality.  The kids have latched on to it.  Abigail told me one day that pink was her favorite color and I wondered how long it would be before she realized that pink was the color that I had assigned to her and that she didn’t actually pick that color herself.  Dassy told me one day when we were out shopping that “blank (whatever the item was) was her’s because it was purple.  That meant that it was time to talk about the limits on that sense of ownership.  =)