• 22Jan

    For those of you who commented on my post about “colors,” I do have to inform you that this is not a new idea.  I think we started that back when Josiah (my second) was born.  I also thought that Joanne’s comments about each of the kids relating to their colors was actually pretty acurate.

    Benjamin is my helper.  He’s the leader, the boss, the one who always wins the games “because he’s the oldest” (that’s what the kids tell me).  But he’s also sort of laid back, cool, calm, gentle, and usually collected.

    Josiah is tender hearted.  He is usually quite willing to take care of his sisters and helps to protect them.  It is not at all uncommon to see him leading one of them around by the hand.  The other day I saw him chasing off a dog (a friendly dog) that was overwhelming one of the girls.  Not real big on new things.  He likes his routine and needs security.

    Abigail is a tough little cookie and even more ditzy than her mother, if that’s possible.  She’s the daughter that runs into walls (something her mother does on occasion, too) because she’s not paying attention to where she’s going.  Makes me laugh just thinking about it.  She likes to play with the boys usually . . a bit of a tomboy. . .  and she likes to help Mom in the kitchen.

    Dassy is the princess.  That has become very noticeable here lately.  We started asking her to pick up her toys and she would just give us this look like “Why?  I have minions to do that menial task for me!”  She was probably the baby for the longest and all the older ones just doted on her for some reason.  She is also tiny, making her seem a bit more frail.  She likes to play by herself, too, adding to the “royalty” feel of things.  Giving her the name of a queen and bestowing on her the color of royalty was an accident, but Wow! does it fit.

    Maranatha is my sunshine.  She is entering her terrible two stage and has started saying “No” to mom, and acting a bit rebellious, but normally she loves to help, loves to laugh and smile, and is usually compliant. 

    Payden is the reason I’m still going.  He has the cutest grin and he knows how to use it too.  He is climbing everything, hunting trouble all the time, likes lots of hugs, and looks absolutely adorable with his spiky hair.  He’s quite stubborn about what he wants and will howl up a storm when someone tells him “No.”  As soon as he wakes up he’s on the move.

    They are all special gifts from God and I love each and every one of them.

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  • What about Caleb? Has he started forming any kind of personality yet? I would love to hear about it. I miss you guys so much. Take care and have a safe trip to MI.

  • Terrible twos? Our children were just angels until they hit 3. Well, Isaac doesn’t like being told “no,” either; but at 19 months, he’s nowhere near the terrible stage.

    Payden’s spiky hair reminds me of when Dan buzzed his off just months before your wedding. He thought it would be plenty long enough in time. Well, it was a challenge. I still have pictures of his best man (Leigh Riffel) trying to subdue that mop the morning of your wedding!