• 14Jan

    to those who are wondering . . .

    The doctor’s appointment for the kids went well.  We checked for a heart murmur on all of them since there was the possibility that Dan’s condition was genetic.  They are all fine.  Maranatha has an innocent murmur.  Meaning that it comes and goes and that she will probably grow out of it in a year or two.

    The van  . . .

    I got an update on the van.  Apparently the transmission is aluminum and a piece broke off inside somewhere.  Then that piece went through the works and chewed everything up.  They tore the thing apart and discovered that it would be cheaper to replace the transmission than to replace the parts that got chewed up.  So, two days to deliver the transmission another day or two to put it in, a couple of days to drive it around and test it.  It is under warranty and we will pay nothing.  Praise the Lord!
    Currently I am thinking that the 23rd of January we will be making the trip to MI.  Mom is available to drive me out and will probably take the train back either Sat or Sun.  Yeah!!!
    Gotta run!!
  • 14Jan

    Why?  There are so many “why’s?” but I remember very clearly a sermon that really struck home . . Don’t ask why, but what?  What can I learn from this?  What can I do with this situation?  What can God do with this situation?  And so I push the “why’s” away.  So far the Lord has given an incredible peace concerning the “why’s” of this situation.  Other than the “why’s” related to my children, I have felt comfort in knowing that the Lord has plans and is using this in the lives of others as well as myself.  The kids are my biggest concern.  Dan’s dream was a large family.  Why didn’t God let him stick around to see the fulfillment of that dream?  I love my kids dearly and the Mother Bear instincts in me really bristle at the thought of them having to bear such pain especially so young.  That is where my greatest test in my relationship with God lies (or at least one of them).  Can I trust Him with my kids?