• 10Jan

    Wherever there is a vehicle there is trouble.  If we were truly evolving then I think that vehicles would soon be extinct, drivers license’s would be outmoded, and we would be flying around on little green boxes that never had mechanical difficulties.  Ahhh . . now doesn’t that sound like science fiction, or for those of you who knew my husband, it sounds like something Dan would come up with, doesn’t it? 

    I just want you all to know that I WASN’T DRIVING!!  =)  Sorry Uncle Phil.  I really don’t know what happened.  We brought the van home from the shop (it was in for an inspection), it was icy, we backed out onto the road to go pick up the kids, and the wheels stopped engaging.  Since you kind of need the wheels to move in order to get the van to move we decided that something wasn’t quite right.  This created all sorts of dilemmas as we were planning on driving the van to MI early the next morning, and not only that, but that is a big vehicle to be blocking the road.  We figured that it would be best to get it out of the way of oncoming traffic for their safety as well as my beloved van’s.

    Did I tell you that my kids have decided to christen our new vehicle with the name of “Herbie”?  Quite the size difference, but since I’ve given each of our vehicles a certain amount of personality anyway I figured that “Herbie” would work just fine.

    So, anyway, we managed to limp Herbie home (thank you Lord for not asking us to push that mountain up the hill) where a friend looked it over and said his best guess was transmission problems or, if we were lucky, a clogged filter.  The good news in all of this is that apparently (since he’s so new) Herbie is still under warranty.  Thanks again, Lord!  So Saturday morning, instead of leaving for Michigan, we made a phone call and got a dealership to come tow Herbie.  However, they are a bit busy and won’t be able to check Herbie out until Tues or later.

    Our fellow travelers had to head on out to MI without us and we are left trying to figure out how much to unpack since we are still planning to drive to MI once the van is repaired and declared suitable for travel.  I didn’t really pack a lot of clothes so they really aren’t an issue.  I do, however, need to get moving on school or we will be having school into the middle of August.  I suspect that building a house will make it a bit more difficult to keep up with school.

    Speaking of house (I don’t usually name our houses like I do our vehicles) maybe I should fill you in on that a bit, too.  I’m sure that many of you are wondering just why we are building when it might be easier and cheaper to buy a house.  There were actually quite a few factors that helped us to make that decision, one of them being the Lord’s leading. 

    There are quite a few large farmhouses in this area and we did look at a couple of them, but none of them seemed quite suitable.  There was usually plenty of space, but nothing arranged well enough to allow me to operate a household of 7 toddlers and babies in an efficient manner where I wouldn’t be pulling my hair out by the end of the first week.  Dan and I had been working on a design for quite some time and actually had some blue prints drawn up and almost ready to go.  Those plans were still designed with a two-parent household in mind and therefore some modifications were in order, but many of our ideas have carried over into the current house plans. 

    Visibility was a major need.  I needed a place where the little ones could play (while the older were in school) without getting into trouble.  I needed the house to be built for little people since my little people will be helping with much of the work.  The more that they can do on their own the less that I will have to do, leaving more time for me to do the things that Dan would normally do and hopefully also allowing me more time with the kids themselves.  Space was also something that we saw as a need.  They do have winters here in PA meaning that cabin fever could seriously be an issue.  And I don’t know about you, but 7 kids make a lot of noise and I can only handle the noise and confusion for so long. 

    Anyway, there were some other factors that went into the decision, but suffice it to say we felt the Lord leading us in this direction and I see no reason to doubt Him at this point.  We are doing our utmost to be wise stewards of the finances that we have been given and till we are finished (this summer we hope) we should have the basics required in a debt free house allowing what little income I will have to take care of things like food, utility bills, and gas for the van, rather than paying a mortgage.  Or at least, that is our goal.  Many of you have volunteered some amazing things to make that goal seem possible.  Your labor, donations, expertise, and prayers will make it possible.  Thank you for your willingness to be used of the Lord.  I will do my best to “Pay it forward.”