• 07Jan

    I like vegetables.  Broccoli, cauliflower, and dip is one of my favorite snacks.  I love fruit.  Watermelon was always a number one treat on my list when I was pregnant.  We eat apples all the time.  Bananas are one of the kids favorite treats and occasionally they share with Mom.  But there is just something about doughnuts. . .


    As a kid I can remember making dozens of doughnuts on “Doughnut Day” . . rolling and cutting them out, watching them turn golden in the fryer, drip drying the glaze on to them and rolling some of them in sugar. 


    Then there were the doughnuts we would pick up for breakfast when we left really early in the morning at the start of a long trip.  Yummy cream filled doughnuts spiced with the adventure ahead of us. 


    There were the powdered cream filled doughnuts that I remember my uncle bringing to work for breakfast.  A bit of delicious sugar that helped get the energy flowing for a hard day of construction work (usually roofing and a lot of “go-for” work if I was involved). 


    The yeasty, puffy crispy crème doughnuts of college brings back memories of a trip to the beach with my campus mom, a surprise from home, time spent with friends, dating outings, pregnancy cravings, and time spent with Dan. 

    For me doughnuts mean happy memories.  I find myself wanting a lot of doughnuts today.  Not because I’m hungry or because I am looking for a particular flavor, but because I’m looking for a happy memory. 


    Dan’s favorite doughnut was the glazed.  He didn’t get real excited about the crème filled and he hated the powdered ones.  They made too much of a mess he claimed.  One time when I was pregnant with Josiah he brought home a dozen glazed doughnuts for us to share.  I shared one with a neighbor, Dan got two, and I ate the rest before he got home from work the next day.  I was shocked at how many I’d eaten.  Dan teased me about that for months.