• 15Dec
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    Monday and still waiting.  Found out my midwife is sick so I guess that’s why the Lord is holding off on things.  Heartburn is nasty, kids are antsy and cranky, Mom is tired (found out I was forgetting to take my prenatal pill — Ooops!!), but other than that we are doing fine. 

    Maranatha crawled into bed with me last night and said “I want Dad”  (or maybe she just said “I want in”).  I told her I did too, and let her cuddle for a while. 

    Payden is walking.  It’s so funny to watch him screw up his nose and close his eyes and chuckle delightedly as he takes off.  He thinks he’s hot stuff.  =)  He hasn’t figured out yet that he would have a better chance of staying upright if he kept his eyes open.

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