• 13Dec
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    It’s Saturday and I’m still waiting for the baby to come.  I think that the baby has dropped, but other than the rare contraction there hasn’t been any excitement.  I figure if I go two weeks late that I can have this baby on Dan’s birthday.  I have to admit that I’m not real excited about waiting that long.  We celebrated Payden’s birthday on Wednesday.  We made him a cake and ate supper at our neighbor’s house.  He made a big mess, of course, just like all the kids did on their first birthday.  We managed to get several pictures.  Maybe one of these days I’ll figure out how to get them where you can see them. 

    The rest of the kids seem to be doing fine.  They are getting spoiled rotten by all this attention, but haven’t forgotten all their training yet.

    I’m doing o.k.  I’m keeping busy at this point and that helps.  There just seems to be something about the air or something in PA because I’ve been in bed by 9 almost every night and usually asleep in about 15 minutes.  Some of that might be baby . . . I have been taking naps, too.

    We are making Christmas cookies today . . a Royer tradition.  Actually, I haven’t done much baking yet, but that is where I’m headed next.  I did get a look at all the various properties that we are considering for the new house.  A lot of options to chew over. . .

    Still lots to think about, lots of decisions to make, and tons of things to do.  So keep praying.

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