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    [copied from the Caring Bridge site]

    Have you ever noticed how David starts so many of his Psalms on a depressing note and then gradually works his way into talking about how wonderful the Lord is, how great and mighty is our God, and then ends the Psalm on such a high note that you wonder if the guy is a bit crazy or at least scytsophrenic. (Wow! I had to look up how to spell that word and I don’t think I would have ever spelled it that way on my own.) I’ve noticed it before and didn’t have a real good grasp on the why’s and wherefore’s of such a change in attitude. I think I might have a better handle on it now. In times of depression, sadness, or grief we go to the Lord in prayer, pouring out our hearts to Him in despair. But the Lord has told us to rejoice, to come before Him with thanksgiving. So David does that. He presents his troubles and then continues with thanksgiving for all the things that the Lord HAS done for him and by the time he is finished praying he has been refreshed; reminded of the Lord’s goodness and His faithfulness. That creates a renewing of the spirit and attitude, a renewing of the mind and heart, that allows a positive outlook on life and beats back the negativity of the world’s daily indoctrination. So, give thanks, my friends, for all that the Lord is doing in your life. Allow Him to raise you up above the depressing, negative messages that the world keeps trying to shove down our throats. Dan is in heaven doing all that he longed to do here on earth without mistakes and human faults hampering him. We will get our chance. Our time will come. Patience, courage and fortitude are required, but God will not give us more than we can handle (with Him we can handle anything). We have hope!!!

    Sleep on that Liisa!!

    talk about scytsophrenic . . =) I’m writing notes to myself. =) Thanks again for all your prayers, guys. Obviously my mental condition (scytsophrenia) hasn’t improved all that much, =) but maybe for today my attitude has.

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  • Thank you for sharing that. I’ve been remiss in my Bible reading lately and need to get back in. I read Psalms 144 (I think) aloud to the kids last night and it was one just like you spoke about. I think that will be my new goal – to go through and mark the Psalms that are like that.