• 01Dec
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    Yes, God is good. Aunt Lorna came by to help with the kids so I could get some rest and she did my laundry for me! Mondays always seem so busy because of that pile of clothes that need washed. Janet was also home for a little bit in the morning so I had plenty of time to rest and catch up on a bit of sleep.

    The other great news has to do with my children. Dassy (3) asked tonight if she could go to heaven. We discussed it a little bit and then we prayed. Josiah (5) and Abigail (4) both joined in. Benjamin (6) prayed earlier this year. Now they are full of all kinds of plans to be extra specially good tomorrow. =) I know how long that will last, but it’s sweet to hear them talk about it. So, now 4 of my children profess to be Christians. That was something that both Dan and I prayed for. I bet he’s up there jumping around for joy. Me, I’m still a little too under the weather to be jumping around and way too fat anyway, but my spirit is a little lighter.

    Once again, God is good.

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