• 02Dec
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    Someone must have been praying real hard today. It was . . . well, . . peaceful today. I was really tired when I woke up, Benjamin was sick, and I was still trying to get a full day of school done.

    Josiah worked real hard and was done his school work by lunch. Benjamin worked as hard as a sick boy could be expected to and actually finished half his school work by lunch. I figured we would count it as a full day and just say he went home early. =) Got to love homeschooling! I didn’t have any trouble making a decision about what to make for lunch (or supper for that matter), I got a second wind and was able to make it through the day without a nap. Benjamin, Payden and Maranatha all went down for a nap at the same time leaving me with only three (that is like, piece of cake!) to keep busy and happy. Those three helped me wrap some Christmas presents (an exciting, fun thing to do) and then watched a movie quietly while I did a few other odd things and eventually joined them. I’m not feeling exhausted or worn out even at 10:30 p.m. although I do know I need to get to bed, and I’m feeling much better than yesterday. Amazing!

    The ups and downs will hit again, but at least I had a bit of a break. Is it Philippians where the Bible talks about the “peace that passes all understanding” . . I think I lived it today. There really is so much out there that I don’t understand. Praise the Lord we don’t have to understand in order to live, breathe, and have our being. Just like we can trust that light to turn on when we flick the switch -whether we understand electricity or not- we can trust the Lord to give us just what we need just when we need it.

    To all those who were praying for me today, thank you ever so much!!!! The turmoil was supressed today and I could live and appreciate my children and the blessings that I do have. I’m guessing that each one of you played a part in that. Thanks again.

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