• 31Dec

    My apologies to every one who has been having problems with the ‘remembering dan’ site.  Apparently my neglect to put in a title often causes this heartache.  I will do my best to remedy that little detail in the future.

    Also, I would like to note, and please pardon my grouchiness on this subject, that the labor did not go well.  I am ashamed by my behavior, and embarrassed that my midwife saw that, and am somewhat appalled by the emotions that spilled out regarding Dan and Caleb during that difficult time.  And, yes, much of that was to be expected, but I’m still not pleased.  Those were not happy moments . . . still, they are over.  There is nothing I can do to change them and the end result (Caleb) will be a tremendous blessing from the Lord, I’m sure.

    I do thank you all for your concern and prayers and am grateful for the excitement you have expressed.  Your excitement reminds me of what I should be focusing on.

    And please don’t feel discouraged from writing more comments.  Whether you know what to say or how to say it . . . just saying “Hi” lets me know that someone out there is interested and does still care about what is going on in our lives . . something that I am clinging to at this point in my life.

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  • Hey Liisa,

    I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I do keep you and your children in my prayers daily. I can’t even imagine what you are going through. I hope that in the new year many of your prayers are answered.


  • Liisa,
    We’re praying for you, I can’t imagine the inner struggle that is going on, but your faith in God through it all is an inspiration and a testimony to the faithful and ever present Father who longs for intimacy with His children. Your faith, though possible distant from God today, was cultivated over years and decades, certainly will not disappoint. I pray that my faith will be just as strong as yours throughout my daily trials – though God’s path for me includes my husband at this time, your story and testimony inspire me to not take him for granted and appreciate this time with my family. You and your family are on our minds daily – the Lord is always faithful to bring us to our knees on your behalf. Thank you for sharing your journey, its hard to be vulnerable, know God is using your testimony to inspire our family’s faith as well as teach us the importance of prayer.

  • Don’t worry about feeling badly. We all have our days. I do have a question however. Excuse my computer illiteracy, but does this remembering Dan sight replace caring bridge now? And a picture of Caleb would be really really fun. But maybe you sent one and I just can’t get into it. There were a few messages that were blank that said I couldn’t view them. Maybe those were the pictures.

    Your house plans sound pretty exciting! Wow! Hope you are encouraged today and that you spend time sitting at the feet of Jesus in His Word. Praying He will lift you up even now as you read this.
    Aunt Jewel

  • Hi I am still Praying. This isn’t my strong suit. But remember that while you are sharing these troubles with us, your brothers and sisters, The LORD listens also and is there comforting you for and from us. We all love you all and are praying.

  • My dear cousin Liisa,

    You do NOT have to aplogize to anyone !! You have been through more in the last three months, than most could handle in a lifetime. My thoughts are with you daily….I do wish I could spend more time online with you, but know all too well how much time children, and newborns take.

    YOU are SO LOVED !! I am not sure that I will ever know exactly why God took Dan home, and left you with all of the pieces to pick up….but I KNOW in my heart, there is a reason.

    Your continued strength, love, patience are all such an inspiration to me, and I am sure many others, to be better Spouses….the kind of wife you were to Dan….better mothers, and better followers of Christ.

    I still remember the day that I got the email from you announcing Dan Appreciation Week, at first I thought that a little strange, but then thought about it….what an amazing wife and mother, for you to make a special week, JUST FOR HIM !!! So thoughtful, creative, and a really wonderful idea. I have never forgotten about that. ONLY YOU in all of my years on the internet, and email have ever done something like that for their spouse…..YOU are an incredible woman.

    I may not have had many opportunity to “know” you in the flesh, but you are someone very dear to me….you inspire me in so many ways.

    I LOVE YOU !! I do pray for some peace to your very sad heart, and that your daily needs continue to be taken care of.

    All our Love,

    Michelle, Dale, Ethan, Jena Marie and Paige Kotyk

  • Liisa,
    I can’t imagine, how hard it was for you. I know that Caleb is a really neat present from Dan on Christmas Day 🙂 Still praying.

  • Liisa,
    I don’t think there was anything to be ashamed about. It seems that perhaps this baby and the birth has helped draw some of your emotions out of you that needed to surface…that otherwise, may have remained buried. It is exciting to me, that the Lord chose a most important holiday, your first Christmas without Dad, to give you a precious baby. I wonder how much God the Father’s heart ached and longed for Jesus on the day He was born in a manger? Your feelings are pretty well nigh to our heavenly Father…He has felt exactly what you are feeling. God be with you and your darling little ones Liisa.

    Much love and prayers,
    Amy Arthur

  • Hi, Liisa.
    A New Year is here (2009). A new and precious life is with you, and a week old already. Thank you for letting us know so soon. That changed our prayers somewhat. We wondered whether Caleb would be “Carol,” the name of a good friend of ours born on Christmas Day. Although our praying has changed “somewhat,” the fact has not. We will continue to pray for you. Although we have never met you, we know Dan’s side of the family, the Ewings and the Shetlers, so we have felt we knew you. Now, your emails cause Doloris to say frequently, “Oh, I like her so much!” We are getting to know you better.
    Love and prayer in Christ by the grace of God,
    Wentworth and Doloris Pike

  • Liisa,

    You’re repentent heart is what God desires. You need the cross daily. God lavishes you with His love and with His forgiveness. You can’t do it alone. If you could, Jesus died for nothing. Be encouraged. You are His.


  • Liisa,

    Your naked honesty is so touching. I know well the agony of a difficult delivery and how that can cause many regretful words and feelings. I know you will always treasure Caleb and the connection he provides to your precious Dan. We pray for you often and can only begin to understand the trials and joys you face and will face as you raise your perfect little family for Jesus. Yes, seven is the perfect number and you are blessed to have the privillage of so many of God’s little ones. What a woman you must be. God has and will bless you. Oh, I know you won’t always feel up to the task. Don’t worry I had one to raise alone and often didn’t feel up to the task. God does give the strength needed for each new day no matter how much strength that may be, so keep your eyes on Him and He will direct your paths. Oh, and remember you only need enough strenght for today today. God will take care of tomorrow so even though you will sometimes have to plan into the future rely one day at a time on God for each days strength. One day you will look back and ask yourself how it all worked out. You will know that God made your way possible.

    We love you more each day and wish we could see your new little gift.

    Love and prayers, Auntie Joanne

  • Liisa,
    You are constantly in my prayers, and welcome to your newest earth angel, Caleb. I struggled all day Christmas with labor vibes, and wondered who was pulling on them. Now I know it was you, and why I was so emotional that day. What a joyful blessing it is to have another child here. You are such a strong reminder of God’s love and power. Just take this one day at a time, and ask for guidance. We are all here for you. Much love to all of you. You have many midwives and mothers to support you. Hugs, Vicki

  • Dear Liisa,
    No, we have not forgotten you. I’ve been away for a few days, but even during that time I was thinking of you. Praying for you often. Please give little Caleb a hug for me. One of these weeks I hope to do it in person.

    We are having very cold weather here now — I hope you aren’t having the same or it will be hard for you to “go to Gramma’s” once in a while.

    It is easy to see you heart is broken, but we pray that the love of Jesus will mend it — day by day — bit by bit — we all care for you very much.
    Love, Gramma Ewing.

  • Liisa is too hard on herself. It is true that this was a hard delivery. It is true that she was not her usually cheerful self the last hour or so, but considering the circumstances, she behaved. It was hard for her to “let go” of the last little bit of Dan, but in doing so she has a little bit of Dan in her arms, warming her, awakening her, and charming her once again.

    But, that is how we are sometimes. God says it is time to let go and we agonize and “labor” over it, and when we do we find that He has good in it for us. We just need to trust His timing. Good lesson, Karen. Take it to heart!