• 31Dec

    I wanted to be a Mrs. Noah.

    As many times as we have heard the story of Noah and the ark, everyone forgets to mention Noah’s wife.  And yet I know of No Man who could take on a project of that size, that length of time commitment, that amount of ridicule and hopelessness without someone there to support him, back him up, and just be there at the end of a long day.  Men just are not designed to handle all of that alone (neither are women for that matter).  Guaranteed it may not always be a spouse filling that role . . .

    Anyway, I’ve never been much for being in the lime light (ask my mom).  I enjoyed the ‘behind the scenes’ work like the planning, organizing, encouraging, and sometimes even the clean up.  I enjoyed my role as wife.  There I could be an encourager, a sounding board, a giver of advice, a planner, organizer, trainer of the kids, project assistor, etc  . . all kinds of things that made Dan look good.  I liked doing things for him that would make others look at him with envy and made him look like the wonderful father and husband that he was.  I wanted him to make those inventions of his a reality.  I wanted to help him make that green box fly.  I wanted others to see what a great Daddy he was.

    I’m not trying to brag, just trying to point out how much I loved that role; how much I enjoyed standing quietly beside my man . . shining the light on him and watching him light up the stage.  I enjoyed the challenge of pushing him forward when he needed the encouragement, giving him the eye (tactfully) to let him know it was time to shut up, and working together to make our household run efficiently and smoothly.  When he shone, so did I.

    I wanted that WITH him . . . this is a role reversal I never even desired. . .

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  • Good job, Liisa. I still say we women need to hear that. Your Godly submission has been a lesson to your old Mom

  • Wow!! I so needed this reminder. I often forget that being a wife is being a helper not a leader. Liisa what a help this has been to me this day.

  • Liisa, you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I hope this does not sound trite — God has promised to sustain his children through out the toughest times of life. He WILL give you the comfort and strength to face these things you never thought you would have to face. His grace is sufficient in our weakness. Continue to lean on Him for you strength. You, my dear, an amazing woman…with a GREAT GOD to lean on. Know that you are loved and are being upheld in prayer by Christian brothers and sisters. Hang in there, girl! Love ya lots!

  • Hmmmm, I guess I am not the only husband who got those ‘silent’ messages. Seriously, it just seems a real hassle with all those circumstances that God brings into our life, and then He says Rejoice always. Well, I just really have a problem with that sometimes. I am so awed at times like that when I realize that He *does* really love me and only wants the best for me. I am not sure in those times why those ‘things’ happen in my life, but I do know that He *is* there for me. If I was in charge of things I sure would do things differently sometimes, but praise the Lord I am not, because I sure would mess ‘stuff up’. :>} We (Jenny and I) continue to pray for you and the children. We have never met you, but know of you through our daughter Rebecca. IHN tR

  • Sometimes God totally pulls us out of our comfort zones to help us learn something to help us be more like him. I am single, and have obviously enever lost a husband, but I have seen God take some amazing mistakes and hardships in my life and make the light shine on Him and give Him glory. You no longer have Dan to shine that light on, but the task is still the same with a different person. God will give you strength and is already being glorified in you life. God bless you and keep you.

  • Well, little Liisa, you have figured out a lesson that I am just now learning. I can only hope that I learn it as well as you have. You sure do keep us on our toes and knowing where we need to make changes in our own attitudes and habits. I love you for it.

  • Gemma’s comment was truly amazing! I’m gonna vote with her. God has given you a new direction for your spotlight (and mine!) Well, my spotlight still belongs to Jeremy, but I needed her reminder that spotlighting God should always be my primary goal.

    So, you still are a Mrs. Noah, but to a different Mr. Noah. (One Who never needs “the eye.” HAHA!)

    I love you, Liisa. And although my comment has been light-hearted, I feel your deep pain and wish I could better help you carry it. We’re still praying for you and not gonna quit any time soon.

    PS> Hey, look! I can comment again! Yay for me! 🙂

  • Liisa, The role that wives have is hard one to learn and do in a culture that is so “equal” oriented. It’s a constant goal set before me no matter how long wr’re married or what areas of service God calls me to. Maybe you’ll write a book one day – the best writing comes out of true experience and usually it’s hard. Praying … as you work on being the best mom ever.