• 09Dec
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    Wow!!  Once again God is providing above and beyond what I need.  We had one more big debt that I felt obligated to pay (not counting medical bills, but we still don’t know what is going on there), and the Lord just sent me a check that covered it all, with some left over.  That was one that He provided before we even had a clue that it would be needed.

    So, what started off as a somewhat depressing day has improved greatly.  I spent a large portion of the day packing up stuff to take to PA with me.  Alas, my days of high speed internet are about over.  I am seriously considering a few options in PA, but most are quite expensive.  I just don’t know if I’ll be able to handle dial-up anymore, though.  Dan has spoiled me tremendously in that area. 

    I thought, too, the other day, “Thank you ever so much, Lord, for having Dan get this laptop.”  It truly has been a blessing in disguise.  We often joked that the computer was Dan’s other wife.  I was the round wife and the computer was the square wife.  “Which wife are you going to spend time with tonight?” I might ask.  Or we would comment on just how round I really was here lately . . and how it seemed like I was always round (pregnant) . . or maybe just complain about what a square the square wife was. . . we always had jokes flying around like that.  Sometimes I would just be blunt (since he didn’t take hints very well), and say something like “the Round wife wants some attention!  She’s getting jealous of that square one again! ”  Needless to say the computer and I have had somewhat of a love/hate relationship (sound familiar Wayne?), and to find myself so . . dependant on it at this point in time seems a little odd to me.  But then again, maybe it just makes me feel a bit closer to Dan somehow.

    My aunt Jennifer (don’t be deceived . . she’s only a couple of months older than I am) arrived this evening.  I hope she gets some sleep because tomorrow (morning I hope), we plan to set off for PA.   And speaking of sleep. . . I think I need to get some too.  It is at least a 12 hour trip with kids and I’m going to need my rest.  Looks like we might get some sleet and ice in the morning and I would like to get passed all that as soon as possible.


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