• 17Dec
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    His toothbrush needs tossed, the tic tacs are gone, the door he put up was replaced, the van he bought and cleaned is being sold, his deoderant is gone . . . normal things that happen in the course of events. Usually you just replace those items without even thinking. So buy another thing of deoderant. Get some more tic tacs. Find another toothbrush. But when he is gone, there is no reason to replace those items. Another little pin poking the already soft heart, reminding me that he is gone. Something else is disappearing and taking another little part of Dan with it. In this way, the kids are something of a comfort. They are a little piece of Dan that I can continue to hold on to. They are a little part of Dan that I’m hoping to be able to take to heaven with me. They are a little part of Dan that is eternal. So, once again, I must say that I am blessed. The little daily reminders might be disapearing, but the part of Dan that will last forever I still have with me.

    Things have been a bit soggy (weepy) again here lately, but we have been hanging in there. The kids are struggling with cabin fever, boredom, loss of Dad who at least created a flucuation in schedule, and spoiling. Currently Uncle Phil and Rosa are visiting and we are at Nana’s so the boredom issue has been relieved,and the snow and ice we just got has helped with some of the cabin fever. That makes things a little bit easier.

    Also, good news, the van that we bought in NC has arrived safe and sound. It looks wonderful. Nana drove it last night in the icy weather and said that it did real well.

    Still waiting on baby, but I guess that isn’t too surprising since he isn’t due until next week. I have decided that I need to make good use of the time that I have where baby is contained and not demanding attention. The rest of the kids need attention too, and it will be difficult to give them that attention once the baby shows up. Still don’t want a Christmas baby, but once again I must relax in the Lord and trust that He knows what He is doing.

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