• 23Dec

    To all who have been waiting breathlessly (we hope not many since it’s taking so long) for news on baby Ewing #7 . . . I guess I need to tell you to start breathing again.  We went to visit the midwife today-on my due date, Tues, Dec 23 – and she is telling me that she doesn’t think the baby will show up for another week to 10 days.  Just knowing that makes it possible for me to relax a bit again.  I really didn’t want a Christmas baby so to hear that it could be a bit was almost a relief.  It does, however, also mean that I will be spending a bit more time in PA than was originally anticipated.  That really isn’t a problem, just something else to consider.  The kids are a bit disappointed.  Josiah has been telling me to go to the doctors and “pop” that baby out!  I keep telling him that he needs to take it up with God and every now and then he will mention it in his prayers.  So cute.

    Love and Thanks to all,

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  • Dear Liisa,
    I keep thinking about you. You are continually lifted before the throne of grace. Jesus loves you more than you could ever know!
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your children.