• 19Dec
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    Lots of pretty snow today . . . and ice.  I drove the van first thing this morning and it did really well with the difficult driving conditions.  Thanks again Phil and Rosa!! for bringing it up from NC and to all of you who helped with the cost of purchasing such a vehicle for us.  I was so glad to upgrade from our previous vehicle which was really starting to make me have serious problems with my Christian walk.  =)

    Of course, walking has been an interesting problem lately, too.  I don’t remember any of my babies (all 6!) ever dropping noticeably.  This one has, though.  So my hips are kind of out of wack, my stomach sticks into everything I try to do (even eat my hoagie sandwhich last night!), and I’m waddling around worse than a duck on dope.  I can just see Dan laughing at me in heaven. 

    We have been looking at options for land during the last two or three days and have narrowed them down to two pieces.  We have about $20,000 available, but either piece looks like it could cost somewhere between $30 and $35.  The one piece has the sewer, septic and electric on it already, but it also has tenants.  The other piece is already perked, cleared, ready to build and has great possibilities as far as resale goes (not that the other one doesn’t).  We would like your prayers as we chose the piece and also for the finances to buy the piece. 

    Your continued support is greatly appreciated.  Keep praying!!!!

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