• 11Dec
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    We made it.  We had a long trip to Nana’s (over 12 hours with all the stops) and while going into labor was a concern we managed to avoid that.  I’m still trying to rest up and hoping that things will kick in here soon and we will have this baby.  My heartburn pills are gone.  =(

    Emotionally, . . I seem to be struggling with depression a bit.  I’ve been keeping busy and that helps to keep it at bay, but it still seems to be there, hiding.  Normal I’m sure, but still something that needs dealt with.  If I give in to the temptation to live in depression then just what am I saying about the goodness and provision of my Lord?  Depression seems like a lack of trust in His plan. 

    The kids are doing fine.  The boys finished up this semester’s worth of school work (since we started in July) already so we are in the midst of Christmas break.  That actually makes it a bit more difficult to keep them all busy.  That is kind of hard under normal circumstances, but now I’m trying to do it in strange surroundings without all my little bits of stuff that I’ve collected over the years that spark imagination (e.g. puff balls, old magazines, material pieces, colored paper, limited scrapbooking stuff, glue, paintbrushes, and whatever else I can find).  Abigail did tell me today that she was ready to go back to Grandma’s already.  Josiah quickly informed her that we had to wait until after the baby was born first.  He doesn’t seem at all surprised that it is taking so long.  Benjamin is needing lots of cuddle time . . kind of strange for such a self-sufficient 6 year old.  I’m trying, but it’s hard to cuddle with this much tummy.

    Baby is doing fine.  Still moving and squirming around . . sets off contractions every so often . . but not enough to do anything about yet.  I have a midwife here in PA who has volunteered to help with the birth (and she has a whirlpool–loved the water birth with Payden) for virtually nothing.  So once again the Lord is providing in stupendous ways.  I am looking forward to getting this over and done with, though. 

    Keep praying.  I won’t be updating this quite as frequently for a little while, but we will still be needing your prayers, especially with the arrival of a new little one.

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