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    Good News All,

    We bought the van.  It is an 11 passenger with two captain (bucket) seats and two bench seats.  2007, looks to be in great shape, plenty of space for buckling car seats, and it even comes with DVD player installed for those long trips from PA to MI that I’m sure we will be doing on a regular basis.  To the hundreds of you who have sent your financial contributions, I thank you with all my heart.  My children thank you as well as this will eliminate a certain amount of frustration that has caused me to become less than congenial when trying to go someplace with all of them along.

    Also, many thanks to those who responded, whether with prayer, comments, or love, to my last post “dreams”.  Your support on such a heartbreaking day was needed tremendously.  I tried writing later that evening, but just couldn’t bear the pain.  It was the worst that it has ever been.  I’m hoping that I don’t have too many more dreams like that in the near future.  It is very difficult to focus on other needs, on others at all, with that emotional heartbreak wringing every drop of energy from my being.  I’ve always considered myself to be a somewhat level headed individual (blond actions not withstanding) with very few passionate outbursts . . but apparently there is some passion buried in there somewhere.

    And while I would love to fill you all in some more, I’m afraid I overstayed my welcome on facebook and seem to be falling asleep while preparing this post.  A good sign if you ask me.

    Thanks again to all of you!!!



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