• 31Dec

    I wanted to be a Mrs. Noah.

    As many times as we have heard the story of Noah and the ark, everyone forgets to mention Noah’s wife.  And yet I know of No Man who could take on a project of that size, that length of time commitment, that amount of ridicule and hopelessness without someone there to support him, back him up, and just be there at the end of a long day.  Men just are not designed to handle all of that alone (neither are women for that matter).  Guaranteed it may not always be a spouse filling that role . . .

    Anyway, I’ve never been much for being in the lime light (ask my mom).  I enjoyed the ‘behind the scenes’ work like the planning, organizing, encouraging, and sometimes even the clean up.  I enjoyed my role as wife.  There I could be an encourager, a sounding board, a giver of advice, a planner, organizer, trainer of the kids, project assistor, etc  . . all kinds of things that made Dan look good.  I liked doing things for him that would make others look at him with envy and made him look like the wonderful father and husband that he was.  I wanted him to make those inventions of his a reality.  I wanted to help him make that green box fly.  I wanted others to see what a great Daddy he was.

    I’m not trying to brag, just trying to point out how much I loved that role; how much I enjoyed standing quietly beside my man . . shining the light on him and watching him light up the stage.  I enjoyed the challenge of pushing him forward when he needed the encouragement, giving him the eye (tactfully) to let him know it was time to shut up, and working together to make our household run efficiently and smoothly.  When he shone, so did I.

    I wanted that WITH him . . . this is a role reversal I never even desired. . .

  • 31Dec

    Wow! I say,

    As I sit and stare

    At the piles of cards

    Representing mountains of prayers


    God is so good,

    God is so true

    Just like He promised,

    “I will take care of you.”


    Above and beyond,

    All that we ask or think,

    He has provided,

    Without even a blink.


    Our God is so big,

    So great and so wise.

    Why do we believe

    In Satan’s lies?


    Why do we doubt,

    The one who wants what’s best,

    When going through

    Some of life’s awful tests?


    His promises are true,

    And remain the same.

    Even when our hearts

    Play the doubting game.


    Your prayers have been a reminder

    Of God’s faithfulness to me.

    Wherever you are,

    On land or at sea.


    Thank you so much,

    For all you have done.

    May your crowns be filled

    With the jewels you have won.


                                          –Liisa Ewing

  • 31Dec

    My apologies to every one who has been having problems with the ‘remembering dan’ site.  Apparently my neglect to put in a title often causes this heartache.  I will do my best to remedy that little detail in the future.

    Also, I would like to note, and please pardon my grouchiness on this subject, that the labor did not go well.  I am ashamed by my behavior, and embarrassed that my midwife saw that, and am somewhat appalled by the emotions that spilled out regarding Dan and Caleb during that difficult time.  And, yes, much of that was to be expected, but I’m still not pleased.  Those were not happy moments . . . still, they are over.  There is nothing I can do to change them and the end result (Caleb) will be a tremendous blessing from the Lord, I’m sure.

    I do thank you all for your concern and prayers and am grateful for the excitement you have expressed.  Your excitement reminds me of what I should be focusing on.

    And please don’t feel discouraged from writing more comments.  Whether you know what to say or how to say it . . . just saying “Hi” lets me know that someone out there is interested and does still care about what is going on in our lives . . something that I am clinging to at this point in my life.