• 25Aug
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    I was feeling a bit low this morning when I turned to Exodus for my devotional reading. I was sludging my way through the building of the tabernacle when I found an interesting verse.

    35:30-31 “And Moses said unto the children of Israel, See, the Lord hath called by name Bezaleel the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah; And he hath filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship:”

    The first thing that caught my eye was Hur. Was this the same Hur that helped Aaron to hold up the arms of Moses? This is his grandson. It appears that he was passing on a Godly heritage.   And then I noticed Bezaleel. God gave him everything he needed for his job. And it was more than just the skills needed to turn out a perfect ring or stave, God also gave him the head and the heart for the job as well as the wisdom to do it according to God’s specifications.

    Then things get personal. God has given me everything I need to do my job, too. He’s given me the job, He’s given me the skills, and He’s given me the heart to do what He wants me to do exactly the way He wants it done.

    So, in reality, my feelings of inadequacy are Satan’s lies telling me that I can’t trust God. When I’m tired and don’t feel up to the task I must remember that God has given me everything I need and I must trust Him . . . trust Him . . . trust Him . . . It’s not me that will do it, but Him through me (if I let Him).

  • 01May
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    I’ve been musing about four leaf clovers lately.  Everything is turning green and the clover is everywhere.  As I flew by a patch on a walk the other day I was reminded of a friend of mine who says he finds four leaf clovers all the time.  It’s true.  I’ve seen him do it.  The next patch of clover made me wonder why I never find four leaf clovers.  Then I laughed to myself, “the reason you don’t find four leaf clovers is because you never look for them.”  That is also true and so this week I have found myself looking a little closer at the multitudes of patches of clover spread over my yard, along our road, around our garden, etc.  This morning I found one.  =)

    Which brings me to the punch line.  How often do we miss the mercies and miracles of God simply because we aren’t looking for them?  God is working in our lives on a regular basis (if we are letting Him), but how often have we ignored it?  It’s easy to see the bigger miracles like a disappearing cancerous cyst (which did happen to one of my family members this past week PTL), but did we notice the change in attitude of a stubborn child after a time of prayer, or the note of a friend arriving at just the right moment to give us the encouragement we need?

    I don’t believe in luck.  I believe in the hand of God, and I believe it is evident in my life on a daily basis even if I miss that little four leaf clover by my foot.

  • 21Feb
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    I just passed a house that still has some Christmas decorations out.  Part of the reason for that could be the snow which is about 3 – 5 feet deep here (where it hasn’t drifted).  I smiled when I realized that the bits of brightly painted red and green signs that I could see represented the word JOY.

    I wonder if my Joy is hidden from the world, too.  I like to think that I’ve dug it out of the snow and hung Christmas lights all over it, but I probably need an outsider’s opinion on that.  I’m so very thankful that even when my Joy seemed gone-buried in sorrow-it really was still there, waiting for spring.

    The Joy of the Lord is my strength . . .

  • 28Dec

    So, we are getting ready to go and I look at Benjamin (12) and say, “Do I look cute?”  (translation: do I look like I’m ready to go?)

    Benjamin says, “Ah, you’re the mom.  You don’t have to look cute.”


    I’m still trying to decide just how offended I should be

  • 21Dec

    We watched a movie last night where the man got down on his knees and bowed his head to the ground as he prayed.  My kids found this unusual and started asking questions (they have only seen that in reference to the Muslim faith).  Caleb apparently was listening.  =)

    Today I walked into his bedroom to find him in a similar position.  I heard him talking and assumed he was talking to whatever toy he had hidden underneath him and so I said something to him.  He didn’t even lift his head, just said “I’m praying to God, Mommy.”

    I stepped out of the room quickly, but just had to stay close long enough to listen.  =) Ahh, my heart is smiling.

    He needed a new dad and he remembered to tack a ‘Thank You’ on the end.

    My heart is encouraged.  If I can pass on the faith I will have succeeded.

  • 17Dec

    Yes!!!  I have managed to finish another “Danny Quilt!”  This one is Maranatha’s.  She likes sunflowers, too.  I sometimes call her my Sunshine and that’s how the whole design came about.


    There is a serious push to get the rest of them finished right now.  The kids got excited by me finishing this one and I managed to get the top of Payden’s put together this week, too.  Still need the backing (January’s project) and that one will be done, too.  Caleb’s is next on the list and then I can consolidate a whole bunch of sewing stuff and cut back on some piles.





  • 17Dec
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    Does anyone remember when my kitchen was this clean?  I’ve forgotten already.  =(

    Now it has the well used and worn look that the whole house is sporting.  =)  I am so thankful for my the many little hands and feet that made it the room it is today.




  • 14Dec

    The spark is back.

    I wasn’t sure it would ever happen, but I feel like God has given me a tiny glimpse of the possibilities of the future and with it comes the excitement, the push to get out of bed in the morning, the desire to better myself, and the hope.  I have no idea if my dreams will become reality, but that really isn’t my problem; that’s God’s problem.  I asked God for a place to direct my energies, a vague goal to shoot for, a vision for my future, AND HE ANSWERED!!

    It’s been bubbling under the surface all week, distracting me, making me shake with excitement, giving energy . . .

    But the time is not right.  I must be patient.  This is my week to teach about patience/longsuffering.  I’m getting lots of practice.

  • 18Nov

    I’m torn between gloating and acting like it was no big deal, but either way I have to admit that I am just tickled.

    I installed a dishwasher yesterday!!  My delivery guys showed up before I was ready for them and I was scrambling to get the old one unhooked (which I also managed to do with minimal mess) while they were standing there waiting for me.  It’s the Lord’s grace that kept me calm and thinking clearly I’m sure.  I’ve also been struggling with some attitude issues  in some of my children and so the pressure was on to remain calm while dealing with frustrating situations (not totally sure I managed that one).

    I had to hook up the plumbing, wire in the plug, and make sure the stabilizers were level, all while the kids were finishing up school.  We turned the electrical and water back on and I ran some water through it, but I haven’t done a full load yet.  That is this morning’s trauma, because I’m sure that I must have made a mistake somewhere.

    I was sad to see the old one go.  Little changes like that can really cause havoc.  The learning curve on a machine that is such an integral part of our daily lives can be . . . well, a bit stressful.  The old one was one that Dan purchased in West Virginia as an anniversary present after I spent several months washing dishes in a bowl of water that I had to get from the upstairs bathroom.  =} So it has a few memories attached to it, but it was either get a new one or continue to live with the perpetually dirty dishes and towel and drip bucket sitting in kicking range of my kitchen sink.  (I’ve debated the merits of just having the kids wash the dishes . . . but not really wanting to put my energy into that particular battle at this point in my life.)  Practicality won over sentimentality.

    So I’m off to brave the dangers of amateur plumbing.  =) At least I know where the shut off valve is!  =)


  • 19Sep
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    We have started school, finally, and we are learning all kinds of things this week.  We did a tiny bit of research and discovered that the setting for a book we are reading isn’t very historically accurate.  We found out that pumpkins are vegetables and therefore pumpkin pie has got to be good for you.  =)  And Payden has informed us that hair can get cold.  We are still testing that theory =) but the smile didn’t leave my face for at least a couple of hours.

    Have I told you lately just how much I love my kids?!  =) 😉